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[GreenYes] Paper carton/Tetrapack recycling
I represent Canada Composting, Inc. out of Newmarket, Ontario.  We utilize the BTA Process to process organic waste into compost and methane.  Our process utilizes a highly modified hydropulper to break down the organics into a slurry and, most importantly, to remove inorganic contaminants from the waste stream.  The slurry is then further "cleaned" and routed to an anaerobic digester.  The digested solids are finished and cured and make a very high quality compost material.   We can and do accept all types of tetrapack, and to my knowledge, are one of the only "composting" facilities in North America that can handle these types of materials and attempt to reclaim some of their value.  Feel free to contact me for more information or visit for a brief tour. 
William L. Fowler
Business Development Manager - Western Region
CCI-US Corporation
2 North First Street
San Jose, CA  95113-1212
Business (408) 298-0332

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