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[GreenYes] Request for assistance from Nigeria
I have tried to provide resources for this gentleman, but none have panned
out.  He is looking for consultation from an international waste forum,
primarily options for Polyethylene.  

If you know of any organizations who could provide assistance, please share!

Thank you.

Dina DiNucci
City of Gresham, OR

-----Original Message-----
From: hamza []
Sent: Friday, September 21, 2001 9:03 PM


Dear Sir,


Nigeria has been said to be the giant of Africa and yet we cannot control
our waste system. We have a very large population that grows of an average
rate of 10 people very minute. With this, there will be an increase in our
waste disposal. Lots of mass land has been as waste dumping ground, but with
calculations we found out that the waste dumping land will soon be more than
the area in which we live in the year 2015. Disintegrating was another
thought but it will take a very long time, in fact years. 

Our waste consists of about 75 percent of polyethylene. The metallic part of
waste has been taken part but as for the poly waste we are still having
problems with it.

A ten-man committee was formed for this project. At the end of several
meetings and sleepless nights we came to a conclusion that we needed a good
foreign or should I say an International Waste Recycling Company. The
company should be ready to handle the problem. We have enough benefits, such
as Land place, some of our Waste management areas and also the Government

Your Company has been chosen as one of them. And we will like you to send
your company's profile stating the areas in which you have taken part in
some waste recycling, especially on polyethylene. Please send your reply
that you have accepted to send them to us so that we can open a file for
your Company. Our co-coordinator's contact address is written below.

Contact Address:

Name: Tokunbo Noah
Tel: 234-073-463006

You can send your profile to this address:

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
Zaria Road Jos,
P.O.BOX 2804,
Plateau State,
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