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[GreenYes] OFF TOPIC POST: Forgiveness....
My Dearest Sisters and Brothers....

Last week, I was excited at the scenes at peace marches throughout the
US... now, the killing has begun...

I hope and pray that all of us find it in our hearts to forgive those
who kill; that we find it in our hearts to send supportive and positive
energies to those who are hurt, wounded, and have (and will ) lose loved
ones... we should pray that those left behind also forgive the

Most of all, we must find it in our hearts to forgive ourselves, for not
being able to stop this before the killing starts - I am carrying a
heavy burden today... my heart sank at the news that the attacks were
launched last night (our time) - I am berating myself for not doing more
to spread the message of peace and the interconnectedness of the global

with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart, I ask for your forgiveness for
not doing enough... one day, I will uncover the lesson to be learnt from
this - for now, my thoughts and prayers are with all who are touched by
this meaningless conflict...

may we all come out of this more determined to build a world with no
unnecessary pain...

your brother from South Africa...


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