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RE: [GreenYes] How do you encourage businesses to reduce waste?
In response to "we'd like to know what other assistance providers are doing
to ensure follow-through after businesses are given recommendations."


I work for SAIC a consulting firm with experience in recycling and waste
prevention initiatives in US and Mexico ( i.e. NYC, Alameda County, San
Diego/Tijuana, City of LA).   The technical assistance is usually free for
the businesses that we are assisting.

We also experience frustration of providing all the tools for success and
finding no progress.  Evidence of cost savings, implementation steps and
recycling vendor contacts is not enough, businesses often need additional
hand-holding and guidance.

Often we find ourselves facilitating recycling vendor and business
contact/meetings.  Encouragement may come in the form of(incessant)follow-up
phone calls or evidence of others who have implemented a similar program
with success.  Some jurisdictions find funding to help businesses overcome
any financial barriers (and there are many since the playing field is not
level).  Recognizing leaders in the community that have implemented programs
is another incentive.  Recommending programs that reward employees for
participation works well ($, recognition, or days off).

Hope this helps.

-Maia Coladonato

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