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Re: [GreenYes] Use Less Stuff Day
Well, this is interesting!

I received regular postings from the organization behind ULS day for quite 
a while. The initiative was worth watching because of who was behind it: 
Partners for Progress in Recycling -- one of the many guises of the 
plastics industry moulding public opinion about the environmental 
performance of plastics.

The most recent posting from ULS, according to my files, is dated April 
1999. The lead story responds to reader feedback on a report they had 
covered in the previous issue which gave the facts and figures that led to 
the conclusion -- surprise! -- that light-weight plastic packaging (aka 
'less stuff) is the answer to our quest for waste reduction.

The link at the bottom of that ULS Bulletin ( now 
leads to an internet service provider. ULS has vanished!

When I did a quick INternet search to see if Partners for Environmental 
Progress has simply moved elsewhere, I found nothing but ghosts, including 
this posting to a 1998 discussion group where someone else disclosed the 
people behind Use Less Stuff 
Day. (although the 
writer unfairly credits Dow Chemical for work that the rest of the plastics 
industry -- read: resin manufacturers -- have supported through a series of 
ephemeral groups over the years...

I have to give Bob Lilienfeld (the writer of the ULS Bulletin) full credit 
for packaging the plastics industry's agenda in an all but irresistable slogan!



>Does anyone know when "Use Less Stuff Day" is next scheduled and its
>website?   Thanks
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