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[GreenYes] today's data from the WTC
I just heard a figure of 49,000 tons of debris today from the WTC 
(CNN).  They've been digging since about a day after the crashes (because 
the fires were too hot and the surrounding buildings were about to (or in 
the process of) collapsing.  Recently firefighters had been measuring 
ambient temperatures in the rubble of 105 degrees, reduced from previous days.

Yesterday, when shopkeepers came back to lower Manhattan, there were 
stories of individual shops throwing out 500 bags of perished 
food.  Electricity had been out for several days (some areas continuing to 
today) for several square miles of lower Manhattan.  I'd be very surprised 
if this food goes anywhere but in a landfill somewhere, since New York has 
not been composting the vast majority of its huge supply of food waste 
before now.

Maggie Clarke, Ph.D.
Environmental Scientist and Educator
New York City 
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