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[GreenYes] GRRN Website Update
Tides 9/11 Fund
The non-profit Tides Foundation
is our main web donation facilitator.
If you can help Tides provide relief
for the disasters of September 11, 2001,
here's a link to donate to the
Tides 9/11 Fund.

Confront DOW!
Dow makes an herbicide called 'Confront.'
This herbicide doesn't break down easily and
is threatening the compost industry as well
as our own backyard compost bins. Learn
more about it and what you can
do to Confront DOW!

A report on the state of refillable
containers and the policies and infrastructure
necessary for it to happen in the US has
has been made available to us from ILSR.
More information will be added in the next
couple of weeks.

Most Popular Recycling Organization on Yahoo!
As of today, September 12, we just found out we are 'most popular' in Yahoo's directory search for recycling organizations! Check it out! [Note: remember that these things can change in days or weeks later if you view this after Sept 12.] ****************************************** To post to the greenyes list, email to: Subscription information for this list is available here: ******************************************

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