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C E F G wrote:
> Gretchen...
> Your irritation seems to be a little out of focus.  Did you also personally
> tell our friends in South Africa and Ireland they were wrong to send
> American's thoughts of concern?  Please do not write to me only, share your
> thoughts with everyone.

Dear Friends 
Gretchen should delete this...

What is it with people who cannot see above their own closed and myopic
world? Is the irritation of having to delete a few e-mails really all
that much more important than caring and sharing? I thought that was the
very reason why this list in particular was set up?

What is wrong with the way people have grown up that our petty day to
day lives are seen to be worth more than support and healing and warm,
loving communication?

No, I did not get an e-mail from this person - in fact, I am going to
irritae her more with a follow up e-mail with thoughts from Deepak
Chopra, which I pray will contribute to healing after this tragedy..

strength to you all.. we are with you in spirit..

much love 

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