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[GreenYes] Job Position at Aveda
Please Respond directly to Aveda Human Resources
and not to GreenYes!

JOB TITLE: Administrative Assistant
DEPARTMENT: Environmental Sustainability
CONTACT: Email resume to
Aveda Human Resources:
position available until filled
posted 7/25/2001


Position Purpose: To provide administrative assistance
to the Executive Director Environmental Sustainability in a
confidential and professional manner.

Description of Duties:
* Facilitate communication through daily mail
analysis, re-distribution of facsimiles and other
electronic communications.

* Facilitate and keep in good order communications
between the Exec. Director Environmental Sustainability
and designated AVEDA teams such as Education, Marketing,
Purchasing, R&D, Manufacturing, Packaging and
Marketing Services.

* Coordinate all travel for the Executive Director
Environmental Sustainability with travel coordinator
in accordance with personal preferences.

* Be involved with and track various AVEDA
projects as assigned.

*    Maintain filing and confidential records
management systems and other office flow procedures
(including editing/storing classified data for
retrieval and reference, storing corporate management
records, managing email and electronic
correspondence files, etc.).

*   Research and deliver in an organized manner,
information and supporting data in preparation
for meetings, work projects and reports.

*   Maintain product donations records and
assist with program responsibilities.

 Written correspondence/communication

 Compose and reply to business correspondence.

 Schedule appointments, meetings,
meeting rooms, AV equipment and maintain calendars

 Handle incoming calls and re-direct as necessary
 Interface and coordinate activities with
the President, key management staff, general
team members and outside work partners
 Assist with program specific projects and tasks.
 Perform other duties as needed/assigned.


The duties noted with an asterisk (*) are
considered to be essential job functions for
one of the following reasons:  performance of
the duty is why the job exists, failure to
perform the duty may have serious consequences,
limited number of employees available to
perform duty, or the duty requires
specialized skills.

Direction Given:
1. None directly

Direction Received:
1. Executive Director Environmental Sustainability


Financial: None

Contacts: Majority of contact is with general
staff, key management, the President and
outside partners.

Minimum Requirements:

Education: High school diploma or equivalent.
Bachelors degree or some college preferred.

Experience: 5+ years related experience

Others: Strong organizational skills.
Execellent written and oral communications.
Must have strong interest in environmental issues.
Must be proficient in Windows, Word, Excel,
Access, Powerpoint, Schedule Plus and Mail.
Must be able to balance multiple tasks,
prioritize work and able to change direction often.

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