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Re: [GreenYes] Some thoughts on the present and future direction of this movement
Although I don't disagree with most of points made in  this discussion, I
troubled by the us and them perspective where industry is targeted as an
enemy to be subdued and reformed.

I'm conscious of the danger of compromising away the objectives of a
movement to a point where the movement becomes a club, like Sierra and
Audubon.  It's easy to define the enemy and them rally the tribe around you
to fight.  There a social consequences to that: namely isolationism, which
is generally ill-mannered and hawkish.

We are all participants in the problem, and in our hearts most of us want to
live like kings.  To paraphrase a quote "we have seen the enemy and he is

It seems to me that the best available strategy is to co-opt  the "enemy".
A "green" party seems to be the best answer to get the message out and
effect outcomes.  We've seen how the Democratic and Republican parties (aka
Buchanan) will do whatever they can to sink a party that threatens the two
party system.  Is there a way to change the current model without fomenting

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