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[GreenYes] solid waste and recycling director/administrator position
greetings list-servers,

The City of Fayetteville, Arkansas is currently
recruiting a director/administrator for our
progressive solid waste and recycling division.
Contrary to popular belief, we do not sautee roadkill
or use the pony express in the ozarks...our city has a
vision of creating a sustainable community with
minimum waste, maximum recycling and reuse, a green
business alliance and sustainable purchasing

Salary is relevant to experience and in the starting
range of 40+.  Duties include marketing recycled
materials, coordinating budget reports, recruiting
recycled products manufacturers to our industrial park
and leading the way to sustainable community
development. people skills and staff mojo management
are a must!

Attached you will find a copy of the press release
that went out in our community today outlining a
vision for the next few years in our solid waste and
recycling division. 

If you or anyone you know is intersted in a relocation
to a beautiful ozark community within driving distance
of 4 rivers, the ozark mountains and ouchita
mountains, please pass this on.

inquiries may be directed to gary dumas, public works
director, at 501.575.8330.

melissa terry
sustainable environment educator
city of fayetteville

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