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Re: [GreenYes]British Single-Source Collection System
From some one out to the profession, I am curious if
the only measures to influence compliance are
"disinsentive" (ie pulling the bin from the home)?
Are the insentives "home" driven, meaning it requires
an initial high level of responsibility from the
household.  An insentive thought came to mind, which
motivated this posting... how about working with the
paper production folks to create some kind of discount
coupon on, lets say a rem of recylced printer paper
...or something along that line.

Or does that add more complexity to the process?

Seattle, Wa

--- Stephen Grealy <> wrote:
> Susan
> How are you?  Thought I would respond to your
> comment since we have gone from a source separated
> weekly to a single stream biweekly program in San
> Diego two years ago and now have some comparison
> data (we currently have 216,000 homes in the
> program).  We have found that the paper can still be
> marketed as the highest grade..i.e. ONP is sold as
> #8 and our mixed is not downgraded.

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