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Re: [GreenYes] CALLS NEEDED: Stop Tax Credits for Garbage Energy
I read the last e-mail with great interest. My company, Waste Conversion
Technologies, Ltd. has developed and currently operates a MSW waste
separation system in the U.K. It is installed at a Transfer Station. We have
submitted our system to a Performance and Durability Audit conducted by
Waterman BBT, Consulting Engineers. The audit demonstrates that the system
effectively mechanically separates 90% of the MSW delivered from the curbside
(household recycling would not be required) thereby insuring greater
compliance at the household and only one pick up is required. The outputs
from the system are recyclables and organic waste. A  no-emissions solution
for the organic waste is under development however currently the organic will
go to landfill. Waste to landfill is greatly reduced and recycling compliance
is greatly improved. The positive environmental impact is substantial. We
plan to bring the system to the U.S. soon and would be interested in your
comments.   Stephen Van Voorhis  CEO    WCT Americas

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