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Re: [GreenYes] Fluorescent Lighting Ballasts - are they recyclable?
Hi GreenYes,

I got these answers back-list that I thought I'd share
with the list since they offer much practical comment
and advice which may benefit someone else.
I'm going to start with my csw folks and work
my way down the list.

Please be sure to post these kinds of practical suggestions
and advice to the list so others may benefit.

Thanks for these great suggestions!


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From: Anne M
> Yes, those ballasts should be recycled.  Talk to the county solid waste
> recycling folks there in Athens to find out the disposal outlet for them.

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From: George R
> Not sure about recycling them as some older ones had PCBs. I'm
> sure you'll get lots of comments. BUT, next time [if you didn't this
> time] you replace a ballast you might look at replacing it with a far
> more efficient electronic ballast and T-8 bulbs. I sold energy
> efficient lighting about 8 years ago, so I'm sure there's been some
> improvements.

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From: Sophia M
> we send our ballasts to a company that deals with
> hazardous waste and chemical spills.  The ballasts are
> eventually sent to a company that removes anything
> hazardous (old ones have PCB's) and then recycles the
> metal casing.  The web site is

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From: Mike M
> We set these aside as PCB capacitors.   I think they are eventually
> destroyed by incineration.

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