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Re: [GreenYes] Reply etiquette - More about our list
Hi Greenyes,

Melissa is correct.
Please be sure to note that we have an
ettiquette page for GreenYes now:
I've included it below as well.
If you haven't already read it, please
take a moment to do so. It's about
resource conservation, eh?

FYI for digest folks - - the digest starts going out
at exactly 11:30 pm et and takes about 15
minutes to complete the list.
If you want to be sure something gets
posted before the next digest, it's probably
a good idea to send before 11:00 pm.

The archives are all available and searchable now,
and we have everything way back to the
beginning available for you to search.

Also, I'd like to also take this opportunity to
ask that no graphics be posted on GreenYes.
Yes, they archived when you do. But
graphics and html formatting take up space.
The more space we take up with graphics,
the quicker we'll have to remove older archives.
Please use a link to the graphic instead.

Here's how to set up plain text for GreenYes
in Outlook Express:
a. go to your address book
b. double click on your GreenYes address
c. click on the 'name' tab
d. check 'send e-mail using plain text only'
e. click 'ok'.
f. close your address book.

Other email clients will probably do the same.
If you need help, email me. It will help us
conserve that electron!

Best regards,


The nettiquette page...
Why have a page on netiquette?
This is not a page telling list members to "play nice." (Although it should
go without saying - just remember that once what you say is archived, it's
there forever. If your grandma would not be proud of you, you probably
shouldn't write it. Enough said. This guide is meant instead to be a primer
on how to get the best experience from this list. Welcome to the GreenYes
mailing list!


Text Only.
Please make posts text only. This is important for a number of reasons, the
most important of which, it conserves bandwidth. This is a list about
conservation in some respects. It only makes sense to carry out bandwidth
conservation in this venue. Some folks pay for there email access by the
minute, and if they have to download your pretty, graphical 2MB email to
greenyes for half an hour it can make for a lot of unhappy members.
Consider: Before sending your email, put it in your outbox and check the
size. If you aren't yourself writing an epistle, it probably won't be more
than 2 to 3 K. If it's bigger, you probably could edit some stuff out.

Absolutely No Graphics.
Period. If you need to make a graphical point, put the graphic on the web
and point folks to a URL. That way, members can decide for themselves how
much bandwidth they use.

Replies to GreenYes.
If you are making a reply to something on GreenYes, please take care to
remove as much of the previous headers and footers as possible, including
only the text which is germain to the response you are making. Remember, if
you leave the entire body of the message you are responding to and everyone
else does too, it makes the archive bigger faster. We pay for webspace, so
it helps us if, once again, you conserve.

Replies from the Digest - Subject Headings.
If you receive the digest, please remember that you are probably replying to
only one email contained in the entire digest you are replying from. It is
especially important for digest members to remove everything unnecessary in
the quoted reply and make the subject of the reply the same as that email to
which you are replying and not the digest volume and issue numbers. This
will conserve webspace in the archive and your email will be categorized by
the archiver in the right place rather than as a new subject altogether.

Backlist Member Chatting - It's a good thing
If what you have to say isn't appropriate for the list, you are encouraged
to take it off the list. Good examples are when you are thanking someone for
their input, or if you want to know the final outcome of challenging
question someone asked the list a while back. If you get a huge number of
replies, surely you can thank the entire list as a way to staunch the flow,
but otherwise, "backlist" is a good way to go.

Members who exhibit guerilla backlist tactics - targetting various posters
with ads, vicious name-calling, slurs or inuendo may be dropped from the
list if enough complaints are received. Members are not banned lightly. To
bar communication is to stop dialog - and we are all about dialog. If this
is just a case of resolving conflict it can usually be done without even
informing the list owner (me) of the problem - enough hats already... If
multiple members repeatedly receive one-sided lambast with no hint of
remorse or reconciliation on the part of the tactician, the owner will
probably ban the offending member.

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