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Re: [GreenYes] RE: composting question?
 Here are 2 comparisons that were certified. We have never found a
company that could take the same incoming waste streams and match the
output quality of the finished compost product. See below.
Phil Fredericks

I hope this helps. Most of the composts now produced in the world lack
one or more of the following. Most are like wine that has been bottled
green or are just the product of natural rotting processes with little
We continue to compare all other composts to ours and find them lacking.

Take the Dutch standards, the most stringent in the world, and compare
with our compost produced in Tucson, Az. using unsorted full ground
mixed solid
waste (each pile was approx. 25 tons, mixed with 6,000 gal of landfill
and Branson, Mo where approx. 50 yds3 of ground green waste and waste
paper (mostly  colored brochure slicks) were mixed with approx. 4000
of municipal sludge. The testing protocol used 6 independent labs and 2
university labs and all sampling was done and paid for independent of
company. The comparison is as follows: To compare the U.S. standards
above with the Dutch Compost Sludge Quality Standards for Very Clean

Dutch           Tucson              Branson

 5/15           14                  <.5

0.7/1.25        none det.           .9

50/350          20                  11.5

 25/75          67                  13.6

 65/100         47                  9.76

0.2/0.75        0.7                 <1

 10/30          none det.           3.95

 75/300         35.6                 18.3

no stand.       1                   no test

no stand.       none det.           <.5

In both Tucson and Branson, all PCB isomers at ppb were none detected.
In Branson, all Dioxin at ppt were none detected.
In both cities PAHs were none detected.
In both cities, VOCs were none detected.
In both cities all Chlorinated hydrocarbons were none detected.
In both cities Furans were none detected.
In both cities no pathogens, helminth ova, enteric viruses were
 More important than pleasing the eye and nose of the product user, a
clean safe and fully
stabilized compost product is generated in the EarthCare process. As an
added bonus our compost product contains select microbes, one which has
as its sole function to fix free nitrogen from the air to the root zone
of the plants on a year round basis. A wide range of chelated micro
nutrients are available for plant nutrition and simple sugars are
present to promote further growth of good microbes in the soil. Also
contained within the finished compost product produced by EarthCare are
select microbes that inhibit soil borne funguses and nematodes which
destroy the root systems of plants.
It should be realized that not all decayed or broken down organic matter
is compost. Our
compost is more correctly defined as a digested, earthy matter having
the properties and structure of humus. Humus  acts as a site of nutrient
absorption and exchange for plants in the soil. the surfaces of humus
particles carry a negative electrical charge. Many of the plant
nutrients, such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, and most trace
minerals carry a positive electrical charge in the soil solution and are
thereby attracted and adhere to the surface of the humus. Some of the
plant nutrients are not positively charged, such as phosphorus, sulfur,
and the form of nitrogen that is available to plants. Fortunately, a
good supply of these nutrients becomes available to plants through
biological transformations in our compost pile and soil.

Doris Cellarius wrote:

> Subject: composted sewage sludge
> I was sent a question as to the safety of composting
> sewage sludge with other waste in a composting facility that is
> proposed for a rural community in Prince Edward Island, Canada.
> Specifically, what is known about the safety of composting sewage sludge
> with other waste (in this case, boxboard and food and yard waste? -
> The sludge component will be about 13% by weight).
> Please reply to John Sylvester []
> Brookfield and Area Resident's Association
> 902 964 2423
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