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[GreenYes] Lets stick to recycling
If Mr. Cato's intention was to disrupt our listserv, then he has succeeded
beyond his wildest expectations.  I have heard more about his antics lately
than any recycling topic -- the reason I joined in the first place.  Here's
a permanent solution to Mr. Cato and his boorish comments: ignore him.  We
all have a delete button.  Why dont we just use that button and not waste
any more valuable time worrying about Mr. Cato, or worse, discussing what to
do about him.  Lets stick to recycling.  

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Susan & Mary wrote:
> Very inflammatory and yes, takes the positive energy away.
> I am glad this man is being outed here...

if there were any lessons we learnt from apartheid (Cato would have been
thoroughly at home here in South Africa in the old days!) is you tackle
these people head on - anything less is seen as a sign of weakness (not
that we really care) and simply urges these "throwbacks to mental
disorders of the past" to write more rubbish - shut them up I say!!


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