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[GreenYes] Sat. May 19 Election Reform in San Francisco

West Coast Voter Rights March to Restore Democracy
A March and Rally for Election Reform
San Francisco, CA, Saturday May 19, 2001

Election reform has stalled at the Federal Level.  The 
media and the politicians think that we don’t care!  That 
we think the last election was just a fluke. And no real 
reform is needed.   If you think we really need election 
reform in the United States then make your voice heard 
by attending VoterMarch West in San Francisco this 
Saturday, May 19, 2001.  

We know that election reform isn’t dead so join us and 
make sure the media and politicians don’t forget.  And 
remember that EVERY PERSON attending VoterMarch 

For directions, carpooling information, and the latest 
listing of speakers and entertainers visit our website 
at   Rain or Shine!

Justin Herman Plaza March Zone 9:00 – 10:00 am

If you want to march arrive at Justin Herman Plaza by 
10:00 am.  Make your own sign or join us earlier to 
make your own.  Sign making will begin by 9:00 am.  
Some materials will be available.  For slogan ideas 
see our website.

The March will be down Market Street to the Civic 
Center (just over 2 miles).

Rally at the Civic Center in San Francisco  
(schedule may vary slightly)

Tabling opens at 10:00 am

Seating on the Grass, bring a blanket and dress warm, 
as San Francisco can be foggy, sunny and windy 
all in the same day.

10:30 Jana Herzen Jazz Band
11:00 The Veil (Celtic band) 

Program starts 11:30
    Jim Higdon, Moderator
    Vice Mayor Maudelle Shirek, City of Berkeley, California
    Supervisor Chris Daly, City of San Francisco
    Marie Harrison, Community Activist
    Raquel Lavina, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
    Kim Singh, Director, Asian American Policy Institute
MUSIC: Zehm Aloim (guitar folk) 

12:40-1:00 p. m. Internet activists
    Catherine Danielson, Election Fraud in Tennessee
    Tammy "the Diva" Talpas 

MUSIC: Jana Herzen (brief performance)

1:00-1:50 p.m.  Elections and Electoral Reform

    Medea Benjamin, Global Exchange – Election Reform
    Keith Carson, Board of Supervisors, Alameda County
    Assemblyman Kevin Shelley, Majority Leader, 
	California Assembly – Election Reform in California
    Steven Hill, Center for Voting and Democracy – Voting 
	Methods – Instant Run-Off
    Carl Page, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility 
	– Computerized election Equipment, are they fraud proof
    Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi – Election Reform at the National Level

MUSIC: Jimi Mamou (blues)

1:50-2:20 p.m. Civil Rights and Elections

    Fran Beal, Black Radical Congress
    Riva Enteen, Vice-President, National Lawyers Guild
    Reverend Stephen Jeffrey, New Hope Baptist 
	Church, Seattle Washington
    Stephanie Wilson, Director, The Fannie Lou Hamer Project

MUSIC:  Sara Messenger (political folk)


2:20-3:30. Democracy and our Institutions -Media, The 
	Judicial System, The Armed Forces, The People
    Sue Wilson, Truth in America – Role of Media in Elections
    Norman Solomon, FAIR – Role of Media in Elections
    Ed Reiman, Vietnam Veteran – Media during Vietnam 
	and Now, Similarities?
    Professor John Denvir, University of San Francisco School 
	of Law – US Supreme Court Decision – Over 500 US 
	Law Professors Letter Protesting the decision in Bush v Gore
    Ed Begley, Actor - Getting Involved
3:30-4:00 p.m SJ Sloan – songwriter, known best for “Eve of 
	Destruction” one of the most recognizable protest songs of the 1960s.

· Ten Things You Can do About Voting Reform in Your Community
· Resolution on Election Reform to Bring to Your City Council
· VoterMarch Election Reform Platform
· And other petitions and letter writing campaigns.

Concurrent Demonstrations of New Voting Methods at the Small Stage

10:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Teach-In Stage  (More in depth Demonstrations of Fair Elections)

Starting at 10:30 am, and running approximately every 30 
minutes until 4:00 PM, the Center for Voting & Democracy, 
Californians for Proportional Representation, and California 
Instant Run-Off Coalition, will be providing in depth 
demonstrations on instant run-off voting, proportional 
representation, how redistricting affects your vote.  You will 
be able to participate in mock elections using these 
alternative-voting methods that can reduce the cost of elections, 
reduce the spoiler effect and negative campaigning.  Join us to 
see how these methods work and how you can implement 
these methods in your local elections.

Catherine Danielson (Tennessee Election Fraud) will also 
provide a detailed discussion of voting fraud in Tennessee.  
We will also provide instruction on how to use the internet 
to organize your cause.

Presenters and Contact Information
Cathy Danielson – Details on Election Fraud in Tennessee

Californians for Proportional Representation – San Francisco  (CPR)
Coordinator, Betty Traynor
415/558-8133 / 415/558-8135 fax

Center for Voting and Democracy
Celeb Kleppner
Director Majority Rule Project
PO Box 22411
San Francisco, CA 94122
415 665-5044 / 415 665-5044 fax

California Instant Runoff Voting Coalition
Dave Robinson
52B Escondido Village
Stanford, CA 94305
Fax: 650-725-0259

Tabling Organizations - National, state and local organizations 
will have material about their groups for your information 
and to help you get involved.

Partial Listing

Bay Area Coalition for Political Reform							
Bush Brothers Banana Republic Resistance	
Bush On Crack 	
California Instant Runoff Voting Coalition 
Common Cause								
The Committee to Recall Willie Brown	
The Democratic Election Committee, Inc. 	“Rock The House in 2002" 
Environmental Finance Center, Region IX
First Amendment Center
Global Recycling Council 
Global Exchange						
Independent Writers & Artists Association	
League of Women Voters (Register to vote here)			
Planned Parenthood	
San Francisco Solid Waste Management Program    
Sierra Club – San Francisco								
Steven Friedman’s			
Musician Table CD from our performers
VoterMarch – Fighting for Voter Rights

Voter March Materials available at the Rally

T-shirts – Raven standing over Florida saying Nevermore
Button – “I support a VOTERS Right to Choose”
Sticker One Person, One Vote - VoterMarch – Fighting for Voter Rights
Vincent Bugliosi’s new book “The Betrayal of America: How the Supreme
 Undermined the Constitution and Chose Our President”


And if you can’t make it but want to support our cause you can donate by
visiting our website at 

Voter March West
1563 Solano Ave., Box 507
Berkeley, CA 94707
Make checks out to "Voter March."

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