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[GreenYes] GRRN Website Update
GRRN Website Update

GRRN Website now has new host!
GRRN is now being hosted by HostPro, a high-rated 
hosting service in Los Angeles. During 
the two-day transition, you may see a twelve digit 
number where you usually see "". 
Otherwise you should notice no other difference. 
Greenyes will remain with earthsystems until further notice.
Although we expect transparent handover of email as 
well, should you feel your email is not getting through, 
you may contact Bill Sheehan at and Chris Sparnicht at

PepsiCo Shareholder Vote on Recycling - 8.1 percent!
83.3 Million Share 'Yes' Vote on Recycling Assures 
Proposal<br>Can Be Brought Back Again, According to 
Rules Set by U.S. SEC. Read other up-to-the-moment 
releases on this campaign here -

New Video: Target Zero Canada
Announcing a new video: Target Zero Canada. This 51 
minute video shows the launch of Target Zero Canada on 
November 21, 2000. The launch features short talks by 
representatives of leading-edge businesses, municipalities 
and provincial governments who each outline their 
commitment to Zero Waste:
* Ottawa's revolutionary Take-Back-to-Retail program 
for household "special waste" -- 65 products to over 300 
local retailers.<li>Overview of the international Zero 
Waste movement, by Dr. Paul Connett.
* How the Beer Store gets 98% recycling of refillable 
beer bottles at zero cost to taxpayers.
* Nova Scotia's record-setting discard management 
system that has achieved 50% waste diversion.
* Interface Carpet's commitment to eliminating waste.
The video was made by Dr. Paul & Michael Connett of 
Grassroots and Global Video. GRRN is distributing this 
video in the United States. TZC is distributing it in 
Canada. See the link above for details on how to get the 

New Media Area
With the Coke & Pepsi Shareholder Releases this April, 
we have decided to change around our media area. There 
is now a place for most recent releases, accompanying 
documentation and photos, our logo available in eps 
format, and copyright information, all available for the 
press and interested organizations and individuals. 
Previous unrelated press releases are linked at the bottom. 
Just click on the link above.

Coke Shareholders and Environmental Groups Urge 
Support for Recycling in Wall Street Journal Ad Read the 
media press release.
Coke shareholders and environmental groups urge 
shareholders to support a recycling initiative in Wall 
Street Journal advertisement on April 2, 2001.

Shareholder Campaign Launched to Increase Recycling
Read the media press release. Environmental groups 
announced March 30, 2001 that they are launching a 
campaign in support of shareholder resolutions pressing 
the beverage industry giants to take responsibility for 
their waste by increasing recycling.
Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA)
GAIA is a new world wide group working to end the 
incineration of all forms of waste and to promote 
sustainable waste prevention and discard management 
practices. Read about them in our Zero Waste around the 
World section. (

Chris Sparnicht
GrassRoots Recycling Network

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