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[GreenYes] Host Transfer
Dear GreenYes Listers,

We are changing hosts to a new server.
This shouldn't mean very much on your side
other than that some of the links you click
may show a 12 digit number in the place of
the '' url.

For those of you more technically curious,
we are changing nameservers in the next
couple days - always a pleasure. . .  ;o)

We don't expect there to be any problem
with email, but if you cannot get through to
us, you may temporarily use these alternative
email addresses:
Bill Sheehan:
Chris Sparnicht:

The GreenYes listserv will remain with
Earthsystems until the rest of the transfer is
complete, so no changes there for now!

Best regards,


Chris Sparnicht
Projects Coordinator
GrassRoots Recycling Network

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