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Re: [GreenYes] Being evenhanded?
Hey, who threw me into the briar patch when I wasn't looking.

By trade magazine, I was just intending to talk about the plastics industry magazines like -- no I'm not going to get further in dutch by giving examples ... In any event, not recycling magazines which are the salt of the earth, god's gift to man (and woman...don't want to make more problems), the second coming...have I left anything out here?

Bottom line: It is unusual to see a magazine writing for the plastics industry pointing to places where their trade reps are less than inspiring.  More typical is rah rah. Let me just leave it at that.

I must say that things have come to a pretty pass when one can't even say something nice about someone else in peace. What, is it an excrutiatingly slow news day or something?


ps Needless to say I would never say anything nice about consultants, or worse, economists (gasp the horror of it), all of whom -- Jerry help me here -- fall somewhere on the moral totem pole of life below bottom slugs and child rappers.

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Peter ~

Maybe what is also needed is a definition of a "trade magazine".


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> I'm somewhat startled by Peter Anderson's claim that it is "fairly unique"
> have a trade magazine be evenhanded in its news coverage.  By 
> this, I assume 
> Peter is saying acclaimed journals such as BioCycle, Waste 
> News, Solid Waste 
> & Recycling, and Warmer Bulletin are biased.  I'd be 
> interested in Peter's 
> assessment of the evenhandedness of consultants.
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