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Re: E-M:/ Turkey fryer oil disposal
The Ecology Center in Berkeley, CA started the Berkeley Curbside Recycling
Program in 1973. It still operates it. It has just switched all of the
trucks to biodiesel. To read about it go to

To talk about it call Randall VanWedel at Cytoculture in Richmond, CA -

Paul Goettlich
PO Box 517
Berkeley  CA 94701

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>>> "Lori Thomas" <> 05/02/01 10:35AM >>>

There are a number of people calling recycling and solid waste hotlines in
our community wondering what do to with the oil that is leftover from turkey
fryers.  Typically, there is between 15-30 gallons of oil per individual
that needs to be disposed of.

We have been encouraging individuals to contact restaurants who may save
their leftover oil for sale to a rendering plant, but would like to offer
another option.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Lori Thomas
City of Lansing
Waste Reduction Services

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