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[GreenYes] Fwd: Roadless Policy at risk

>From: Peter Drekmeier <>
>I'm forwarding this important action alert from American Lands Alliance 
>regarding the fate of Clinton's Roadless Policy.  Please take a minute to 
>call your elected representatives.
>Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 10:59:42 -0400
>From: Steve Holmer <>
>Organization: American Lands Alliance
>Subject: EMERGENCY ALERT: President Bush to Decide Fate of Roadless Policy 
>  Week
>To:  All Activists
>From:  Steve Holmer
>Date:  May 1, 2001
>EMERGENCY ALERT: President Bush to Decide Fate of Roadless Policy this Week
>By this Friday May 4, President Bush will be making a final decision on
>the roadless area protection policy.  Early indications are that the
>Administration will overturn the policy and thus far, the President
>seems more interested in greenwashing his record than supporting real
>environmental protection.
>This is a critical moment in the history of wildland protection.  The
>President is preparing to turn his back on the desires of the American
>people and leave millions of acres of wild forest at risk from
>roadbuilding, logging, coal mining and oil & gas drilling.  Here are a
>few ways you can help at this critical time.
>Please contact your Representative and Senators at 202/224-3121 and urge
>them to support the roadless area protection policy.   Let them know how
>disappointed you are that the Bush Administration is trying to undermine
>this public process with a backroom, out-of-court settlement.   If your
>Rep. or Senator is a Republican, please ask him/her to immediately
>contact President Bush and urge him to support the policy.
>Please go to to send a free FAX to President
>Bush or call 202/456-1414 today, and tell him to conserve our precious
>last wild forests for future generations.  Tell him how disappointed you
>are and urge him to reverse course and to support the Roadless Area
>Conservation Rule.
>Please write a letter to the editor in support of the roadless area
>protection plan.  Here are some talking points to consider for your
>1. The U.S. Forest Service issued the popular forest conservation plan,
>known as the Roadless Area Conservation Rule following three years of
>review and analysis and twenty years of controversy over how to manage
>these lands.   The roadless policy was the result of the most extensive
>public participation in a rulemaking process in history, including more
>than 600 public meetings, 1.6 million public comments, and two years of
>public debate.
>2. This forest conservation policy would protect the last 58 million
>acres of unspoiled National Forest lands from logging, mining, and
>drilling, which are already allowed on most National Forest lands.
>3. Until recently, the U.S. Forest Service had been functioning largely
>as the servant of the timber industry, carrying out a program of
>taxpayer-subsidized logging. Protecting the last 30% of our National
>Forest lands is an enlightened policy that recognizes that our forests
>have multiple uses, and that we have a responsibility to conserve these
>precious resources for future generations.
>4. The Bush Administration seems more interested in listening to the
>special interests and large corporate contributors that want to exploit
>these lands than to the millions of Americans who cherish these lands
>and want to see them protected for future generations.
>Please act now.   Thanks for all your efforts.

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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