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[GreenYes] 1st National Conference on Challenging Corporate Power
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APRIL 19, 2001
12:00 Noon
 CONTACT:  Campaign ExxonMobil
Molly Rooke (214) 369-6667 
Peter Altman, Campaign ExxonMobil 
(512) 479-0335 or (512) 750-0373 (cell)
First National Conference to Train Organizers on Challenging Corporate
Jim Hightower, Kevin Danaher, Bob Massie to Keynote 
ExxonMobil Targeted by Conference Planners 
AUSTIN, TEXAS - April 19 - Some of the biggest names in the
environmental, labor and social justice movement are combining forces to
organize the first annual conference to teach organizers and community
groups how to take on big corporations. Scheduled for May 27-30 in
Dallas, Texas, "Empowering Democracy: Challenging Corporate Power and
Demanding Accountability," will feature training workshops and plenaries,
as well as keynote speakers Jim Hightower, Kevin Danaher of Global
Exchange, Bob Massie of CERES and others. 

Prompted by the growing movement for corporate accountability to achieve
political, social and environmental goals, the conference is being
established to create a powerful training ground for organizations and to
bring people engaged in corporate campaigns together on a regular basis. 

"People all over the US and world are fighting against corporate power in
its many forms, with little outside help. This conference is intended to
help people take on corporate power in their communities and around the
world by teaching the basic skills, strategies and tactics that work,"
said Molly Rooke, Conference Organizer. "This is the only conference of
its kind in the United States ­and the only one that exists where people
can learn the day-to-day skills needed to fight corporate power."

Empowering Democracy will teach organizers how to analyze the strengths
and weaknesses of their corporate targets, develop campaign strategies
that will work, and train people in the many tactics and skills that a
successful corporate campaign may draw upon. Participants will also put
their new skills to work by joining in an action aimed at ExxonMobil,
which has scheduled its annual meeting for May 30 in Dallas.

A $125 registration fee covers meals and conference expenses for the
three day event. Travel and lodging scholarships are available for those
with limited resources. Registration and additional information is posted
at The conference is being organized by the
Corporate Campaign Working Group, assembled for the purpose of initiating
an infrastructure to support and train corporate campaigners.

Corporate Campaign Working Group

AFL-CIO * Campaign ExxonMobil * Co-op America * Corporate Campaign *
Corporate Watch * Friends of the Earth * Global Exchange * Greenpeace *
Infact * Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility * Rainforest
Action Network * Sierra Club * Student Alliance to Reform Corporations *
US Public Interest Research Group


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