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RE: [GreenYes] Book Recycling Rate? is the link to the
1999 EPA solid waste characterization page.  The report lists paper and
paperboard as a component of MSW, but the summary at least doesn't break it
down to books vs. any other type of paper/product.   
In the table "generation and recovery of materials in MSW, 1998," the report
lists 84 million tons of paper and paperboard generated, 35 million tons
recovered, for a rate of 41.6%. 
In the table "generation and recovery of products in MSW by material, 1998"
the report lists weight generated as 45 million tons and weight recovered as
13.4 million tons, for a 29.7% recovery rate.  Books might be one of the
"products" but I couldn't find that data in my quick survey of the report.
I would hazard a guess that most of the paper in books is "stored" at any
given point - that is, neither recycled nor disposed.  I know they're piling
up on my bookshelves!  And the people who make books would like you to think
of them as durable goods, right?
That said, in my recycling program we accept hardbound and soft cover books
as mixed paper, and I know my broker takes them, reluctantly, but I don't
know where they go.

Terri Steen 

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Subject:	[GreenYes] Book Recycling Rate?

I am looking for any estimates that may exist of the rate at
which the paper in books ends up being recycled as opposed
to landfilled or burned.  Reuse figures may also be useful.

I'm supposing that the EPA/Franklin Associates MSW estimates
may address this.

Thank you,


Bruce Nordman
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
510-486-7089; fax: 510-486-4673

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