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[GreenYes] Watchin' Bush on Earth Day
Before we all get too wound up on Bashin' Bush about his stand on the Kyoto 
treaty lets all take a deep breath, sit back, and remember that just a few 
short years ago the Kyoto treaty was supported by zero members of the U.S. 
Senate.  I think the advisory vote was something like 95-0 to be exact.  
Being nothing if not a political realist, President Clinton supported Kyoto 
but certainly did nothing to push for ratification of the treaty in the U.S. 

How would the Senate vote today?   Shouldn't our environmental community be 
asking the Senate for an immediate vote? 

The treaty is deeply flawed.  Too many emerging industrial giants are 
completely exempt.  Two countries that spring to mind are China and Mexico.  
Unless the Kyoto treaty is applied universally and globally, it's really 
nothing at all but a feel-good document that won't work and would harm the 
U.S. economy.

Why not rally around for a universal Kyoto global warming agreement that 
includes all countries?  Then, if President Bush continues to object, go 
ahead and bash him!

John Waddell
Refuse News

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