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RE: [GreenYes] saw dust
Trex uses sawdust and plastic film waste to make its plastic lumber.  I know
they are opening production capacity in the West, but I can't remember
Clean sawdust would also be a good additive to a compost pile, wouldn't it? 

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If it is untreated, unpainted wood and thus clean sawdust, you may try
local petstores.
It may be a small market, but I used to go to a local lumber yard to get
sawdust for pet cage lining.
Depending on your production, maybe there is an eco-litter producer in
your area, or a plastic/wood lumber maker.
Good luck-

Michelle G. Minstrell
NCSU Recycling/Solid Waste Manager

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What could I use sawdust for? Or where could I take it to be recycled?
now I bag it in 55 gallon trash bags until I figure out what to do with
it. I 
screen it before I bag it. Small shop.

The Oakplanterbox.

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