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BusinessWire Press Release
April 18, 2001

Amazon Honor System Commemorates Earth Day

'Earth Day Every Day' Section Promotes Links to Eco-Friendly Sites

(Nasdaq:AMZN - news; today announced
the launch of its new Honor System ``Earth Day Every Day'' section,
located at

Launching the week before the International Earth Day Celebration on April
22, 2001, the Amazon Honor System ``Earth Day Every Day'' section allows
visitors to ``tip'' their favorite environmentally friendly sites and help
support the sites' online content. Participating sites provide a variety of
content for people seeking advice on energy conservation, protecting the
environment and recycling, and for those who just enjoy the outdoors.
Visitors to these sites now have a safe and easy way to tip as little as $1
in exchange for the valuable content they receive. The ``Earth Day Every
Day'' section is a permanent page that will highlight informative
environmental sites throughout the year, and we will add additional
environmental sites on an ongoing basis.

The Amazon Honor System ``Earth Day Every Day'' section features
some of the leading environmental sites, including: -- (EnviroLink
Network) One of the largest environmental information clearinghouses (Grassroots Recycling Network) -- News, tips and facts
advocating zero waste -- Magazine sponsored by the Earth Day Network -- Offers daily news for sustainable
businesses -- Free online adventure guide to trail and
travel information

The Amazon Honor System is an easy way for any Web site or e-mail newsletter
to begin earning cash for its online content. Thousands of Web sites already
recognize the benefits of teaming with's proven platform and its
30 million customers.

About the Amazon Honor System

Based on's 1-Click shopping technology, the Amazon Honor System
is a safe and easy way for fans of Web sites to give as little as $1 with a
simple click of the mouse. In addition, Web sites can sell access--on the
Honor System--to online or downloadable content such as video, music or
textual material, including news, poetry, short stories, commentaries and
literature. Any Web site can sign up for this service and begin collecting
contributions in less than 15 minutes. To learn how, go to

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