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[GreenYes] Important
      Thanks for everyone's help so far with what has occured at Ole
Miss.  What I am interested in doing now is refuting the arguments our
Former Student Body President made against the program.   He said that
he vetoed the bill becuase it creates too much bureacracy, that students
do not have enough interest, and that other committees can handle the
work.  (The other committees are actually too busy to handle the work.)
He also said some other group should deal with it.-- I disagree with him
because I believe that as student leaders it is our responsibility to
address environmental concerns.   --- I want to go ahead and get e-mails
sent out to these student senators again so we can refute these
arguments.  Their e-mail addresses are:

Jay Desai

Jim Jacobs

Carter Payne

Tyndal Brickey

Will Pieschel

Jennifer Owens

Scott Pritchett

Ryan Dowler

Laura Shirley

Laura Piazza

Matt McKenzie

Brian Starling

Harrison Bibb

Corey Palmer

Ryan Pratt

Jessica Banahan

Andrew White

Ryan Allen

Sumeka Thomas

Clifton Mosteller

Louis Hengen

Anne Morgan Brookfield

Cara-Ann Sumners

Matt Grenfell

Stephen O'Neal

Denise Williams

Steven King

Mary Linley Swaney

Foster Knowles

Carla Crosby

Haydn Roberts

Tessa Hughes

Elizabeth Holcombe

Melinda Trotter

Brannon Kahlstorf

Drew Snyder

Lindsay Sanders

Patrick Guild

Lale Ozyurt

Alan Bean

Paxton Little

Kara DeRoche

Josh Marino

Nichole Babbit

Kelly Barry

Ross Coley

Nick Bain

Andrew Buckley

Johnathan Werne

Tommy Blake wrote:

> Sure, glad to help if I can.
> I have owned a natural resource and environmental
> planning, consulting, and construction management firm for decades.
> Eugene (Gene) F. Davis
> International Resources Unlimited, Inc.
> PO Box 11017
> Eugene, OR  97440
> I can be reached at (541) 344-1451. This is my home phone. I almost
> have my cell phone on me and on! You can try that number and if we
contact, I
> can then arrange a land line for you to call me back on. I will
> but it will be on your phone bill, however.
> You may also be routed to me by contacting IRU at (541) 344-9454.
> If you prefer, I suggest you also contact Roger Liljeberg, who is in
> process of purchasing our internationally recognized consulting firm.
> Regards,
> Gene

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