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[GreenYes] A Request For An E-mail Political Action, pls Fwrd to like minded activists
          I am a community representative for a non-profit organization in the South Bronx, NYC, NY. - UBEC - United Bronx Environmental Coalition.  We represent and organize low income communities of color in their struggle to gain power to obtain environmental justice.  We have been instrumental in beginning a process to modify NYC's solid waste management plan through a coalition - OWN, Organization of Waterfron Neighborhoods, and, NYCEJA, NYC Environmental Justice Alliance, and NYLPI, NY Lawyers for the Public Interest.
          Currently our communities, and other low income communities of color in Brooklyn and the So. Bronx are being burdened with 10 gas turbine electric power generating plants that NY Power Authority and NYS Department of Environmental Conservation are forcing down our throats.  They are not needed, except to supply power to the rich in Manhattan, and will only exacerbate our communities already high - highest in the U.S. - childhood asthma rates.
         We just lost a lawsuit filed in NYS court to stop these plants, because the permitting process did not properly involve the communities involved.
          What I am asking each of you who receive this e-mail to do is to 1st, e-mail ALL the politicians in NYS listed below.  Tell them that as long as they act in environmentally an racist manner toward low income communities of color in NYS, you will NOT Vacation in NYS, and will boycott NYS products, businesses and services.  You will NOT contribute your hard earned $$$$$$$$$$, to oppress and  kill low income people in NYS.
          I have participated in similar e-mail actions in the past on behalf of oppressed communities elsewhere in American and abroad.  It can work.  We desperately need your help, and will do the same for you if asked.  We need to see each politician listed below deluged with 100,000's of e-mails.
              Please write to the following NYS politicians. 
         In your e-mail or letter please SPECIFICALLY state that "Until the environmentally unjust assaults on NY City low income, communities of color STOPS, you will NEVER visit NYS , NOR spend any vacation $$$$$$ on trips to NYS.  You will also where possible Boycot NYS products, businesses and services."

**  Joseph L. Bruno    BRUNO@SENATE.STATE.NY.US 
**  Pedro Espada, Jr.    ESPADA@SENATE.STATE.NY.US
Assembly woman  Carmen Arroyo  No e-mail 
ALBANY OFFICE  LOB 734  ALBANY, NY 12248 518-455-5402
**  Assembly man, Richard Brodsky, Chair, Environmental Committee  brodskr@
Assembly man Rubin Diaz  No e-mail  ALBANY OFFICE  LOB 432  ALBANY, NY 12248 518-455-5514
Assemblyman Felix Ortiz  No e-mail  ALBANY OFFICE  LOB 542  Albany, NY 12248  518-455-3821
** Assemblyman Paul Tonko, Chair, Energy Committee  tonkop@
** Assemblyman Albert Vann, Chair Corporations Committee vanna@
Assembly man Joseph Lentol lentolj@
** Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver speaker@
** Governor Geaoge Pataki

Peace and Good Health, (;->)    Curtis Seyfried, Project Manager, Community Advocate
My WWW Home Page:

UBEC    Mailing Address:        POB 524369  Stadium Station, Bronx, NY. 10452

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