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[GreenYes] Very Important

   I need everyone's help as soon as possible.  Before I tell you what I need for people to do I will explain the situation.
    My name is Ben Newton and I am a student senator at Ole Miss.  I recently co-sponsored an environmental bill along with another student senator named Robyn Hagan.  The bill created a position within the Associated Student Body called Director of Environmental Policy and Awareness and it also created a committee to assist this person.  The bill had the full support of our County Recycling Coordinator.
     The bill passed the student senate unanimously but was vetoed by our student body president.  Unfortunately, our student body president did not see the need for successful recycling and environmental programs to be implemented on our campus.
      This is quite ashame but I am not giving up.   I am currently trying to over-ride the veto.  However, this is a very hard thing to do.  I need 2/3 vote of our entire senate in order to reverse the student body president's decision.
       If this decision is not reversed then there will be no environmental awareness or recycling programs on this campus.  Therefore, I really need everyone's help.  I need your  help as soon as possible because our next senate meeting is this coming Tuesday (April 10th).
     Here is what I want for everyone to do.  ----- I am going to enclose the e-mail address of every student senator at Ole Miss.  Please e-mail as many of them as you can between now and Tuesday.  Please simply ask them to over-ride the veto and support the environmental legislation.  You can include information about why recycling and environmental awareness is important----even to college students.
      Well, thanks for the help.  I really appreciate any e-mails that people send.  I know that it would be hard to e-mail everyone --- so however many you can send is fine.   Thanks again and here are the names and e-mails:

Jay Desai

Jim Jacobs

Carter Payne

Tyndal Brickey

Will Pieschel

Jennifer Owens

Scott Pritchett

Ryan Dowler

Laura Shirley

Laura Piazza

Matt McKenzie

Brian Starling

Harrison Bibb

Corey Palmer

Ryan Pratt

Jessica Banahan

Andrew White

Ryan Allen

Sumeka Thomas

Clifton Mosteller

Louis Hengen

Anne Morgan Brookfield

Cara-Ann Sumners

Matt Grenfell

Stephen O'Neal

Denise Williams

Steven King

Mary Linley Swaney

Foster Knowles

Carla Crosby

Haydn Roberts

Tessa Hughes

Elizabeth Holcombe

Melinda Trotter

Brannon Kahlstorf

Drew Snyder

Lindsay Sanders

Patrick Guild

Lale Ozyurt

Alan Bean

Paxton Little

Kara DeRoche

Josh Marino

Nichole Babbit

Kelly Barry

Ross Coley

Nick Bain

Andrew Buckley

Johnathan Werne

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