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[GreenYes] Lynn Scarlett
WASHINGTON, DC, April 4, 2001 (ENS) - Interior Secretary Gale Norton today
announced that President George W. Bush intends to nominate P. Lynn Scarlett
to serve as Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget at the
Department of the Interior. 
The Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management, and Budget is responsible
for providing policy guidance and administrative and fiscal oversight of the
Department, including the divisions of personnel, budget and policy. 
"Throughout her career, Lynn Scarlett has developed and implemented
innovative partnerships between government, environmental groups, industry
and everyday citizens committed to protecting and conserving our
environment," Norton said. "Lynn will open lines of communication between
the Interior Department and all people who pledge to preserve our nation's
treasures, species and habitat while keeping our prosperity moving forward."

Scarlett is president and CEO of the Reason Foundation in Los Angeles, a
conservative research and education organization that explores and promotes
public policies based on "rationality and freedom." As president, she
publishes "Reason," a monthly political and cultural magazine, and oversees
the foundation's national market oriented think tank, Reason Public Policy
She has worked for the Reason Foundation since 1980, rising through the
ranks over the past two decades. She was named vice president of research in
1991, where she researched environmental policy and land use issues. 
Scarlett has published chapters in numerous books, magazine and trade
articles, and position papers on land use management, recycling and
innovative environmental practices. 
She is also a member of the board of trustees of the National Environmental
Policy Institute in Washington, DC. 
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Peter Anderson
4513 Vernon Blvd. Suite 15
Madison, WI 53705
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