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[GreenYes] Lead-Based Paint Manufacturers
>From the Daily Grist on 3-3-01

In an effort to force Rhode Island to abandon its lawsuit against the 
country's biggest lead paint manufacturers, the U.S. Chamber of 
Commerce has requested that state and Providence city officials 
produce 50 years of public records that have anything to do with lead 
poisoning.  The chamber hopes the documents reveal mistakes and 
liabilities created by public officials dealing with the lead 

State Attorney General Sheldon Whitehouse (D) called the 
chamber "shills for the paint industry" and said the state won't be 
intimidated by the request.  Meanwhile, the paint industry has asked 
a superior court judge to throw out the state's case, which accuses 
the industry of knowing that lead paint was dangerous before it was 
banned in the U.S in 1978 and covering up the risk; a decision from 
the judge is expected soon.

  straight to the source:  Providence Journal, Peter B. Lord, 29 Mar 2001

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