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[GreenYes] Photocopier toner - how to dispose of?

----- Forwarded by Rebecca Duckworth/R9/USEPA/US on 04/03/2001 11:52 AM

Hello Greenyes!  I have a question posed by the woman in the email below:
How to dispose of old photocopier toner in an environmentally-friendly
Thanks for any info!

Rebecca Lee Duckworth
Environmental Protection Specialist
US EPA, Region 9
(415) 744-2095

----- Forwarded by Heidi Hall/R9/USEPA/US on 04/02/01 04:53 PM -----
                    .TREAS.GOV                   To:     Heidi Hall/R9/USEPA/US@EPA                
                    04/02/01 01:34 PM            Subject:     Photocopier toner                    
                    Please respond to                                                              

     Hello Heidi,

     We have toner for a 1989 Ricoh 4430 photocopier we excessed 3 years
     ago.  Can you tell me how I can dispose of the toner?  This has been a

     burning question for me for years.  I appreciate your help.

     Wendy Nettles, Inv. Asst.
     U.S. Customs Service
     Resident Agent in Charge
     2420 Vista Way, Ste. 208
     Oceanside, CA 92054
     760/722-6616 ext. 410

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