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RE: [GreenYes] unimog
Unimog is not a new vehicle.  It was created around 1946 out of a desire to
have a more useful agricultural implement.  Over the years the Unimog has
been pressed into municipal, forest, and industrial operations due to its
adaptability and cost-saving utilitarian features.  It has served duty as
abulances, radio/communications, street sweepers, and a host of other
useful/necessary vehicles.  And not all Unimogs are behemoth in nature.  An
earlier model with a wheelbase considerably shorter than the current
"popular" Jeep models was available, and Unimog continues to make
liliputian-sized vehicles based on customer demand.  Basically, the size and
design of Unimogs changes based on customers' wants and "needs".  Do I like
the vehicles?  Sure I do, from a utilitarian standpoint.  The problem that
arises is when the customers start demanding them for use as
grocery-getters, shopping mall hogs, or other forms of personal
transporation.  (If people want something bigger than the Ford Excursion,
then they should buy an Excavator.)  The point is, these Unimogs are
well-built and purpose-built vehicles and get their jobs done in an
efficient manner.  The problem isn't the vehicle or its manufacturer, it's


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For those of you who are Car Talk fans and/or hate SUV's, Car Talk is
having a contest to give the new behomoth, the Unimog, a more appropriate
name.  To vote, go to the following link:

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