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Re: [GreenYes] Motiviational resources for implementing a recycling program
There's also my favorite book, Fostering Sustainable Behavior, which details 
success factors in studies of recycling and composting programs. 

--Carol Steinfeld

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The Harmony Foundation in BC issued a good guide back in 1991.

<A HREF="";></A>
Workplace Guide: Practical Action for the Environment / Guide pour le
milieu de travail: vers la sante environnementale (1991)

A workbook to help organizations improve environmental practices. Includes
500 specific actions, 24 pages of worksheets, and an action planner. The
Workplace Guide also includes sources for more information in target areas:
energy, hazardous materials, waste, water, transportation, purchasing,
property management, education and excellence beyond the workplace. Foreword
by Maurice Strong. $16.05(includes GST and Canadian postage)
I'm sure a search of the EPA website would also provide some good sources.

Cindy Pollock Shea >>

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