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[GreenYes] recycling startup in Georgia
Hi folks,

I'm wondering if anyone is interested in offering some advice on how to
start a recycling program. I have been communicating with a fellow from
Georgia (the country, not the state!) who says that there is currently
virtually no recycling industry in Georgia. He is interested in building
one from the ground up, and already has a pledge of 50% funds from the
government. He needs to find the other 50% financing and a lot of expertise
in how one goes about this. If you're interested in corresponding with him,
let me know and I'll forward your email to him. Or you can reach him
directly at:

David Tsutskiridze
President of GEG
Georgian Environmental Group
"Georgia Without Waste" projects
Tbilisi, Georgia

Contact us
Georgia, Tbilisi 380079
I.Chavchavadze Ave.17a (D.Tsutskiridze)
Phone:+995 32 303929


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