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[GreenYes] Wood Trade Show in Anaheim in August
Forwarded from CA Trade & Commerse  

Please do not reply to me.  I have nothing to do with this 
event but wanted to let you deconstruction and wood 
market folks know of this event.  The event coordinators 
email address is is 
in the cc field.

Ann Schneider
JTR 94 & 96

This message is being sent on behalf of our Trade Show Coordinator, Chris
Backlund. As she will be out on vacation for the next couple of weeks,
please reply to both of us, if you would like to participate in the trade
show discussed below.

Thank you, 

Janet Maglinte
Director, TeamCalifornia


Dear TeamCalifornia Partner:

: <<...OLE_Obj...>> 

The AWFS Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Supply Fair will be held in
Anaheim, August 2-5, 2001.  TeamCalifornia has reserved a booth space but
unfortunately I do not have enough registrations yet to justify our
participation. I understand that many of you may be holding off deciding
this show because it takes place during the next fiscal year.  

Because reservations for trade shows take place 12-18 months prior to the
event, I request confirmations ahead of time.  Unless I receive enough
sign-ups by March 16, 2001, I need to either cancel this show or downsize
the booth space. We can make arrangements for payment closer to the
date if that makes it easier for you.  I hope we can generate enough
interest to justify participation.  The cost is only $1,300, a fraction
what it would cost if you go alone.

Please take a moment to review the  web link for more information on this

I look forward to working with you at our upcoming trade shows.


Christina Backlund
Trade Show Coordinator
California Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency
801 K Street, Suite 1700
Sacramento, CA  95814
(916) 322-0416
(916) 327-7166

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