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[GreenYes] Fw: Incinerator challenge in West Virginia
Please reply DIRECTLY to Mark Reifslager, as
well as to the list if the information is appropriate!


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From: Mark Reifslager <>
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Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2001 12:58 PM
Subject: website_question


There is a sham recycler who just received county permitting as a solid
waste b facility here in Berkeley Springs WV. He intends to incinerate in  a
"boiler" all the engineered board in 75,  5 ton, construction site,
dumpsters a day. He is required to landfill the CCA (treated) lumber. Home
Depot estimated that up to 10% of a construction site dumpster could be
treated. If it were 5%, it would result in 6200 tons of CCA in our landfill
a year. That's enough arsenic alone to kill 250,000,000 people a year.
(there is 27 grams of arsenic in a 2 by 4, 12 feet long) That is not
considering all the other toxic building materials sure to be in the
dumpsters, like stains and paints, paint thinners, batteries, etc. Our
landfill is located over one of two of the largest groundwater aquifers in
the eastern panhandle of WV and is in a known fault zone that appears on
hydrology maps.

Would you know where I could get an accurate estimate of contents of
construction site dumpsters?

This facility would give recycling a bad reputation.

Thank you so much.

Mark Reifslager

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