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[GreenYes] Majora Carter to Head "Sustainable South Bronx" Initiative
Information below

For Immediate Release                        Contact: LCG Communications -- 718.853.5568;

March 13, 2001                        917.775.1940;           


Majora Carter to Head New South Bronx Initiative, “Sustainable South Bronx”


After four years at the helm of the “Hunts Point Re-Envisioning Project” at The Point CDC in the South Bronx, Majora Carter, with initial assistance from The Point, will develop a new project called “Sustainable South Bronx.”


“Sustainable South Bronx will research and devise strategies that will result in the implementation of real projects for the South Bronx based on the plans of the community,” said Ms. Carter.  “The projects selected will hopefully lead to long-term and sustained development in the South Bronx.  For too long, the South Bronx has suffered the effects of over-industrialization, poverty and neglect.  This initiative will give the people of the South Bronx a pro-active way to take hold of their community’s development now and into the future,” she added.


The new initiative will be a subsidiary of The Point CDC that will be spun off as an independent non-profit. “Sustainable South Bronx will provide The Point and other community groups with a way to move beyond our roles as initiators of community planning processes into one that identifies real projects that can be developed,” said Paul Lipson, Executive Director of The Point.  “We’re very proud and eager to support Majora as she embarks on this very important undertaking,” he added.


Ms. Carter, a life-long resident of Hunts Point, is well known in the Bronx, having worked for many years as a community activist, most recently as head of The Point’s “Hunts Point Re-Envisioning Project.”  She was named by the Daily News as one of the top “100 New Yorkers to Watch” in 2001.  She had recently considered a run for City Council, but decided instead to take on the challenge of the Sustainable South Bronx project.


Some of Ms. Carter’s other accomplishments include co-designing the proposal for “CityRiver,” a job-creation, economic and ecological development for the Bronx River and spearheading the development of the “Hunts Point Riverside Park,” the first waterfront park the Hunts Point peninsula has had in over sixty years. She was awarded the 2000 Environmental Advocate Award for Achievements in Community Development, and her efforts have prompted praise from elected officials from the City and the state including Governor George Pataki, Councilmember Adolfo Carrion, Assemblymember Ruben Diaz, Jr., Councilmember Pedro Espada, Jr. and Congressmember Jose Serrano. Movie and recording artist and founder of the New York Restoration Project, Bette Midler, visited Hunts Point last spring and worked alongside Ms. Carter at the Hunts Point Riverside Park.


Under Ms. Carter’s direction, Sustainable South Bronx will use real estate, financial and marketing services to implement projects and will explore methods for obtaining site control




Majora Carter/Sustainable South Bronx  -- pg. 2



and other financial resources to ensure future site development.


“People very rarely think of sustainable development in relationship to urban neighborhoods,” commented Ms. Carter.  “When people think of sustainable development, they often think of it in relationship to an organization like the United Nations, which promotes sustainable development in countries throughout the world. It’s time that we think of how to apply those same principles to our communities.  If we do it right, then the South Bronx will secure an economically and environmentally viable future,” she added.


Sustainable South Bronx’s headquarters will be on Hunts Point Avenue.  The space is currently under renovation and should open “officially” some time in April.




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