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[GRRN] Best Paper Recycling Awards Program

Hello All -  

Please see the press release below in the event you haven't recieved a copy.  If
you didn't receive a hard-copy in the mail and you would like to receive a copy
of our press releases, please send me your contact information. 

I appreciate your assistance in getting this to as many folks as possible. 
Award applications are available on our website at:

Thank your for your time and assistance!  


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:      Contact: Christine McCoy (202) 463-2777
February 21, 2001                      Barry Polsky (202) 463-2467


WASHINGTON, DC - The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) announces the
2001 Best Paper Recycling Awards competition, honoring the best paper recycling
programs in America.  This year marks the eleventh time AF&PA offers this highly
competitive awards program.

    "These awards are just one way to thank those who do so much to help the
paper industry achieve its 50% recovery goal," says Henson Moore, President and
CEO of AF&PA.  "It also helps us identify programs that deserve special
recognition for their efforts and innovation in recovering high-quality fiber."

Paper remains the most recycled material in America-just over 45% of all paper
was recovered for recycling in 2000.  Recovered paper is used to make a host of
new products-newspapers, cardboard boxes, office paper, cereal and cookie boxes,
and towels and tissue.

"Showcasing paper recycling programs through these awards helps bolster
recycling," says Will Ferretti, Executive Director of the National Recycling
Coalition.  "Model programs get the recognition they deserve and communities
benefit from learning about best practices in paper recovery.  We always
encourage our members to participate."

    AF&PA is especially interested in highlighting paper collection programs
that have made significant steps to improve recovered paper quality.  Entries
are also judged on public education, partnerships with outside organizations,
measurable improvements in the program, innovation, and cost-effectiveness.

"Our mills primarily use recycled paper," says George Elder, Vice President of
SP Newsprint Company, "and the awards program thanks businesses and communities
for their efforts in helping us get the high-quality fiber we need."

Winners from six categories receive a cash award, a framed certificate, a
hometown award ceremony, and national recognition for their program.  Award
categories include federal government, state and local governments, businesses,
schools and institutions, and non-profit associations.  

All entries must be postmarked by May 15, 2001.  For more information about the
Best Paper Recycling Awards and to download an application, visit our web site

AF&PA is the national trade association of the forest products industry.  AF&PA
represents more than 250 companies and related associations that engage in or
represent the manufacture of pulp, paper, paperboard and wood products.  The
forest products industry accounts for more than eight percent of total U.S.
manufacturing output, employs 1.5 million people and ranks among the top ten
manufacturing employers in 46 states.

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