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[GreenYes] Last Call for NRC Seattle Presentations (due 2/28)
Apologies for Cross Postings

National Recycling Coalition's
20th Annual Congress & Exposition
September 30 - October 3, Seattle, WA
Applications must be postmarked by February 28, 2001.

NRC's Annual Congress & Exposition is the best place to exchange new ideas about recycling, source reduction and composting. The Congress offers the most comprehensive, informative, educational program of any recycling conference across the country. Every year, the NRC Congress is the most informative gathering of its kind.
Benefits of Presenting to the NRC Audience

Appearing before the decision makers in the recycling industry is an honor. Attending a NRC Congress as a speaker or an attendee has many long-term benefits. You have an opportunity to set yourself apart and enhance your credibility and stature among industry professionals, refresh and increase your personal knowledge and challenge yourself and your colleagues through lively debates and interactive sessions.

There is no fee to submit a presentation. Persons selected to appear before the NRC audience will be expected to pay registration fees to attend the entire Congress. A speaker discount of $100 off the full registration fee may be extended if the presenter will be attending the entire Congress & Exposition or you can attend the day you present for free. All related expenses for travel and hotel accommodations will be at the speaker's expense.

The Process

Applications are evaluated by NRC staff and members of our Conference Program Task Force. Applications will be evaluated with the following criteria in mind: overall quality and focus; organization of ideas; relevance to NRC's recycling agenda; and our members' informational/educational needs; quality of research; presentation skills; originality; applicability of topic; and timing (i.e. has the presentation or speaker been featured recently on an industry program -- has the presentation or speaker presented recently at an NRC Congress & Exposition?).

We will evaluate all proposals in the spring, and you will receive notification of acceptance or non-acceptance as soon as possible thereafter.

The Presentations

What follows are suggested topic areas. You may choose the teaching format that best fits your topic - lecture, group discussion, case studies, team teaching, panel discussions, and roundtables to name a few.

Public Education and Outreach 
Composting Technology Development 
Market Development 
Policy & Economics 
International Issues
Electronics Recycling  
Recycling Business Development & Financing 
Minorities in Recycling
Program Design 
Professional/Organizational Development 
Nonprofit Recycling
Collection & Processing 
Buying Recycled 
College and University Recycling
Commercial & Institutional Recycling 
Source Reduction/Waste Prevention 
Rural Recycling

The Application

To participate, complete and return an application form for each topic in which you are qualified to present.
For application form, go to, then click on the green ball on the upper left of the screen, then select "Annual Congress", then select "NRC Call for Presentations."

No more than 2 abstracts may be submitted by one presenter. Your abstract must be postmarked by February 28, 2001. Proposals constituting sales pitches for products or services will not be considered.

1. The key to making your presentation stand out is to put yourself in the audience's shoes.
What specific benefits or advantages will attendees gain from this topic?

2. Write a benefit-laden title for your session. Complete the 75-word description. Be as
specific about the learning that will take place at this session.

3. Complete the learning objective. What will the participants be able to do as a result of attending this session?

4. Provide evidence that the proposed ideas, concepts, programs, etc., in your presentation have been implemented. Provide examples of how the points presented can be transferred to other organizations. Explain what is new or unique about the information presented.

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485
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