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[GreenYes] Energy Conservation Policy and Implementation Plan

I have been helping to create a sustainability citizen group for my home
town, Mtn. View, Calif. (birth place of Netscape and many of those out of
biz dot.coms and smack dab in the heart of high energy use internet
farms).  Our Vice Mayor has expressed an interest in bringing an Energy
Conservation Policy to the full City Council for adoption.  While the
members of Sustainable Mountain View have many ideas, I was hoping to
build from an Energy Conservation Policy that has already been adopted by
other cities, especially those of a comparable size.  ( So council can't
say that only big cities like LA or San Francisco have the resources to
implement large scale conservation activities.)

We also want to ensure that there are projects that our City can begin to
implement in their own operations as well as to new developments through
the Planning Department permit approval process.  We understand that a
policy is not enough, that we must push for specific actions.  So any
specific projects suggestions would be great.  Especially any retrofit
projects that the City could use on City buildings.

Sustainable Mountain View will also be working on trying to get the City
to adopt many other environmental policies such as Green Building,
Deconstruction/C&D Recycling, Bike/Pedestrian corridors, Buy Recycled and
zero waste,  Wildlife and Open Space, Removal of diesel buses, etc.  But
we'll be starting with Energy.

I know that Green Building Policies and implementation plans have a large
energy conservation component but I hope that you can point me or send me
more Energy specific policies.  

Thanks in advance for any contact infomation you can send me or for any
policies and implementation plans.


Ann Schneider                                               
Chair, Sustainable Mtn. View
430 Hillwood Ct.    
Mtn. View, CA 94040        
650 962-0404 / 650 988-1368 fax - call first, machine is off for

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