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[GreenYes] Kentucky Recycling Proposal Fails

Ky. gov. abandons curbside pickup 
FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Gov. Paul Patton has abandoned his proposal for mandatory curbside garbage pickup at every home in the state in favor of a more politically acceptable plan to clean up some 3,300 illegal dumps. Patton has said the state's failure to properly dispose of household garbage, appliances and vehicles creates an eyesore that hurts tourism and development. Patton, a Democrat, said he has a $30 million annual plan to provide universal collection, clean up dumps and institute statewide recycling programs. But he said new spending or tax bills wouldn't get any support during the current session of the General Assembly. Under the proposal, counties could provide universal curbside collection or agree to clean up all dumps in the county. If a county failed to comply, the state could withhold road funds and other grants.Currently, all counties must provide a way for residents to dispose of trash, but in many communities that amounts to little more than a central collection location
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