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Looks like a good thing to do.

Hi Gang,

Here's a fun way to help protect endangered species.



Go to and click on the red heart to 
send you Senator an e-valentine.

Can't bear to be without endangered species? The Endangered Species 
Coalition can't either and  wants to get your Senator's support for 
stronger endangered species protections.  Valentine's Day is just 
around the corner and we want our endangered species to feel loved 
this year. So we are sending e-valentines to all Senators by simply 
going to our website,

We are facing the greatest rate of species extinction since the 
disappearance of the dinosaurs. If the extinction rate continues at 
its present level we could lose 1/4 of the worlds species in the next 
fifty years.  The main cause of species extinction is the degradation 
and loss of habitat.  In many instances this is directly related to 
human activity.

In Congress this year, we will see many attacks on the Endangered 
Species Act (ESA).  On Feb. 7th our first threat to the ESA was 
introduced into the House of Representatives by Rep. Radanovich 
(R-CA) (HR 472).  This bill will severely weaken endangered species 
protections.   Also, we have already heard from Rep. Jim Hansen, 
chair of the Resources Committee (the committee that deals with all 
Endangered Species issues), that he has pledged to Pres. Bush and the 
media that he will "fix" the Endangered Species Act (ESA).  We want 
to make sure that if the ESA is "fixed" it gets done correctly and 
that no imperiled species are lost forever.

So go to and click on the heart to send 
your Senator an e-valentine and protect endangered species.

Much Love,
The Endangered Species Coalition

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