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Re: [GreenYes] EPA Region 10 RFP - proposals due 2/15
EPA has a number of different grants.  There are the national  grants open 
to organization nationwide.  There are grants for each region. Then there 
are grants only open to governmental agencies, either alone or in 
partnership with non-profits.  ALL are VERY competitive !

If you go to the main EPA  WWW page  you will find a button 
for grants, this will take you to the national grants page.  You will also 
find at the bottom of the Main page a link for each region's home page.  If 
you go to Region 2 you will again find a button for grants, this will take 
you to grants only available in Region 2.

At 10:34 AM 2/12/01, you wrote:

>Maybe Region 2 has similar grants. We should call them and ask what grant
>programs they have currently related to solid waste. See you tomorrow. -
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