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Not-JuNK MaiL

February 2, 2001


1. New stuff in stock
2. Stitches and Craft Expo
3. Meet our new staff
4. Position available at Reverse Garbage!

Happy new year, and welcome to the second Reverse Garbage Not-Junk Mail bulletin. We hope you find this interesting and useful - if not, just let us know, and we'll remove your name from the mailing list. Happy reading!

1. New Stuff in stock

Gift shop
Our gift shop - featuring items made from reused and recycled materials - is slowly growing. Our current selection includes a silver ray gun, rocketship lamp, and a stylish bulldog made of scrap metal parts. We plan to extend the gift shop over the next few months, and we'll have lots of new and exciting stuff available.

Valentine's day
Need a life-size golden cupid, giant glittering love hearts, or other gifts for the Valentine who has everything? Local businesses are also coming in for our Valentine's decorations to use as inexpensive window displays.

Polystyrene props
We have a whole bunch of polystyrene props - giant fish and fruit, sparkling stars, and even Santa Claus in a bi-plane! These are great for school theatre productions, party decorations, or even quirky house decor.

Shiny metal bushings and bearings
We have a small supply of fantastic shiny metal bits in all shapes and sizes just waiting for your creative ideas. One customer put three together and made an instant Dalek.

Metal cabinets
We have a limited quantity of brand-new open metal cabinets. Add some doors and you have a great tool or toy cupboard.

We've rearranged our fabric section - it's now easier to sort through, and materials are grouped by colour. This part of the warehouse is a lot neater and bright.

Other stuff...
As usual, we get about a truckload of new stock in every day. The bagable area has a wider range of more interesting items, we've expanded our range of computer parts, and are sourcing more timber - many customers have commented on the sweet-smelling cedar we now have regularly.

Of course we have the usual range of great fabrics, timber, MDF, chipboard, vinyl, tiles, perspex (clear, white and coloured), electrical bits and pieces, theatre props... and so on.

2. Stitches and Craft Expo
Reverse Garbage will be running demonstrations at the Stitches and Craft Expo, 4-8 April, at the Convention Centre. We'll give more information in later bulletins, but in the meantime, keep an eye and ear out for the publicity on TV and radio, and in newspapers. We'll also have a stall at the Expo - feel free to drop by and chat.

3. Meet our new staff
We have three new staff members - Bill, Doug, and Ross, who are replacing Judy, Rob, and Timo. They're still getting used to bin-wrestling, junk sorting, and answering all of your creative questions. If you're a regular here, say g'day to them next time you're in!

4. Position available

Part-time Book-Keeper

Reverse Garbage is seeking an experienced book-keeper to perform weekly accounting functions.  Applicants must be able to demonstrate the following skills and experience:
       working knowledge of MYOB Accounting Plus v 10;
       Sound knowledge of accounting principles and practices;
       Knowledge of GST and its implications on small businesses;

Responsibilities and tasks will include the following:
       Entry of daily sales information;
       Cheque entries;
       Prepare monthly reports (profit and loss, balance sheet and other reports);
       Prepare the quarterly BAS;
       Prepare annual financial statements for the Auditors.

This is a permanent part-time position (5 hours per week).  Reverse Garbage is an equal opportunity employer.

Please send a brief resume to Lisa Owen @ Reverse Garbage, PO Box 5626, West End, 4101 or by email to:  before Friday, 16th February, 2001.
For more information please visit our
website at:

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Reverse Garbage Co-op Ltd.
296 Montague Road
PO Box 5626
West End, QLD 4101
Ph 3844 9744, Fax 3844 6905

Reverse Garbage Co-op Ltd.
296 Montague Road
PO Box 5626
West End, QLD 4101
Ph 3844 9744, Fax 3844 6905
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