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[GreenYes] We are winning -- Philippine campaign update

dear all,

The new Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed the 
Solid Waste Management Act last week.  As many of you know, 
we have been lobbying for the passage of this law since we got the 
ban on incineration in our Clean Air Act.  The new law is not perfect 
-- but it does include many of the provisions we have been fighting 
for namely:

-- mandatory segregation of wastes at source  
--  mandatory composting and recycling for local governments with 
clear targets (e.g. 25 % recycling in 5 years)
-- a ban on disposable packaging (although which materials will 
have to be banned will still be determined by the National 
Packaging Institute -- we want to include PVC and styrofoam there)
-- incentives for the development of  recycling markets
-- exclusion of incineration as a "resource recovery" option

The challenge is of course matching words with action.  There are 
still those discordant voices pushing for the lifting of the 
incineration ban -- but as a clear indication that we are winning -- 
almost all the government agencies dealing with waste are now 
talking about waste segregation, recycling , and composting. The 
tide is clearly turning in our favor.  Our coalition here,  the Eco-
Waste Coalition continues to exert pressure on the new 
government.  The President has called for a Garbage Summit in a 
couple of days -- and we will make sure that this does not 
degenerate into a trade fair for waste management companies.

more as this develops,



Von Hernandez
Campaigns Director
Greenpeace Southeast Asia (Philippines)
Unit 326 Eagle Court Condominium,
#26 Matalino St., Bgy. Central, Diliman
Tel: (632) 434-7034;  Fax (632) 434-7035
Mobile :  (63)(0)917-5263050
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