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Re: [GRRN] Last Chance to Try to Stop Ashcroft Nomination
An opinion from afar....

This is interesting, as I also am concerned about more than just
environmental rights - women's rights, too are of concern to me (yes,
many men like me do, you know!)

I agree for the need for right for women to make choices about their
bodies in an informed manner - whatever they choose, including abortion,
is their right internationally (UN for example), and I support you in
your work to remove people from office who tamper with women's rights...

however, I must take issue that the "overriding problem in the world is
too many people" - simple untruth - the single overriding environmental
problem is OVERCONSUMPTION - as you begin to mention, the North makes up
25% of the world's population, but consumes over 80% of the world's
resources - so we don't need less people - just less consumers /
consumption in the USA, Europe and Japan.... face up to it - the vast
majority of the problems in the world come from the US - from global
warming, to globalisation; from building and supporting the arms
industry to wasting resources in defense shields for nuclear missiles...
I could go on, but this is not about USA bashing...

so dear friends - accpet the facts, and build a future on an
acknowledgement of those facts - using overpopulation as the excuse (
usually aimed at us so-called "thrid world" people - we breed like flies
/ we have too many children to feed / etc etc etc) is a convienient
"out" for over consumption in your country.

there is more than enough for all - the resources of the world, fairly
distributed, would support three and a half times the present global
population - if we all lived like Americans, we would need the resources
of seven and a half planets....

so, you have my support for women's rights - just don't try and develop
them at the expense of the innocent elsewhere in the world - adjust to
the truth that countries like yours are OVER developed..

kind regards, and good luck in reining in the fool of the millenium,
George W. Bush..

Take care


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