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RE: [GreenYes] Last Chance to Try to Stop Ashcroft Nomination
Title: RE: [GreenYes] Last Chance to Try to Stop Ashcroft Nomination

Forgive my ignorance, but why do we oppose Ashcroft's nomination?  Will his job affect the environment?

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From: Ann Schneider []
Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2001 6:28 AM
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Subject: [GreenYes] Last Chance to Try to Stop Ashcroft Nomination

Okay, Mr. Cato, please bash me again, I respect your right to
say anything you wish.  Perhaps you should respect action to
forward information.

Ann Schneider

To counteract this enormous expenditure of corporate money we
urgently need your help:

1. If you have not yet done so, contact your own Senators of whatever
party and tell them you are opposed to Ashcroft. You can find their
phone numbers at

Do NOT send e-mail as an alternative to a phone call.

2. The Judiciary Committee will meet Tuesday or Wednesday, and we
must get all 9 Democratic votes. We're still missing these three:

Wisconsin - - Sen. Russ Feingold 202 224-5323 or fax at 202 224-2725

Wisconsin - -  Sen. Herbert Kohl 224-5653 224-9787

Washinfton - - Sen.  Maria Cantwell 224-3441 228-0514

Please contact these Senators if you live in their states or contact
friends of yours who live in these states to CALL  them this week. It
is NOT enough to send e-mail.

3. The full Senate is scheduled to vote on Thursday, February 1 at
1pm just before the Republicans go away for a weekend retreat. Hopefully,

we can turn that retreat into a rout! But we must do EVERYTHING possible
to persuade the following Senators:

ST Senator Phone/Fax (202) e-mail

FL  Bill Nelson  224-5274  228-2183
FL  Bob Graham  224-3041  224-2237

GA  Max Cleland  224-3521  224-0072

LA  John Breaux  224-4623  228-2577
LA  Mary Landrieu  224-5824  224-9735

MT  Max Baucus  224-2651  228-3687

NC  John Edwards  224-3154  228-1374

NE  Ben Nelson  224-6551  228-0012

SD  Tim Johnson  224-5842

WI  Russ Feingold 224-5323 224-2725
WI  Herbert Kohl  224-5653  224-9787

WV  Jay Rockefeller  224-6472  224-7665

WV  Robert Byrd  224-3954  228-0002

If your Senator is on this list, contact him or her by telephone this
week. If not, please contact people you know in the above states and
ask friends of yours to contact these Senators.

On WEDNESDAY, January 31, at 12 pm local time, we need local
residents to gather at the District Offices of these Senators, or as an
alternative the closest Federal Building. These gatherings will have the

a. To rally outside the Senator's office at 12 pm with anti-Ashcroft
signs and invite the press to cover our rallies.

b. To meet with the State Director or other top official in the
office at 1 pm, to persuade them of the importance of opposing Ashcroft.

c. To begin the process of forming statewide progressive coalitions
to fight this battle and the many battles to come.

To find the place to go in these states, please consult the master
list posted here: <>

4. We need COORDINATORS and VOLUNTEERS for each rally location listed
on this page.

If you would like to be a COORDINATOR, and
put COORDINATOR and the chosen SENATOR's name in the Subject line.

In the message, provide an e-mail address you are willing to make
public, your name and phone number, and tell us something about your
involvement in Democratic and/or progressive activism.

If you would like to be a VOLUNTEER in your state, then e-mail the
COORDINATOR with some basic information about yourself. (If there is
no COORDINATOR listed yet, consider volunteering as the coordinator, or
keep checking the list as we update it.)

The COORDINATOR will be responsible for contacting the Senator's
office and making an appointment at 1 pm with the top staff person there,

and then contacting the local press to tell them about the 12 pm rally.
The COORDINATOR will also maintain an e-mail list of VOLUNTEERS.

VOLUNTEERS are responsible for contacting the coordinator and
offering to help in any way possible, including helping contact the
making signs, bringing cameras, and reaching out to as many Democratic
progressive groups as possible, if possible by phone.

5. If you want to do more, please join us in sending Lozenges for
Leaders. You can either buy some throat lozenges and mail them to your
Senators with a nice note, or visit <> and order a

Filibuster Care Package to be delivered to your Senators., a Maryland-based company, will deliver a gift
basket that will include such things as energy bars, protein snacks,
hard candy and lozenges, chocolate and caffeine boosters. See for more information and to place your order.

6. Please forward this message to everyone you know who can help. At our slogan is "The More You Know the More You're
Opposed." Be sure to visit often for the latest news on Ashcroft.

And remember, the progressive opposition in the Internet era is only
8 days old. The reason the right is so much better organized is that
they have been in opposition for eight years. And these have been the
eight years in which the tools for political organizing have been hugely
improved. We can out-organize them, and each mobilization that we do
increases our strength. If you like what we are doing please visit us

<> and sign up for one of our mailing lists, so

you can keep up with our future actions!

-- David Lytel and Bob Fertik, Managing Partners The Aggressive Progressives

candidate, and advocacy group should maintain a campaign web site and
e-mail list to build a powerful network for change. Let
show you the way! Visit or

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